GPL and Your Car's Computers

North Carolina
427Z06 (What if I nicknamed you 7 liters and a 6 pack ?) It appears to me that the modern automobile is headed more toward dealer service only every day. With the obvious exception of routine maintenance. Food for thought: If auto manufacturers legaly could make a vehicle dealer service only would they? What would be the consequences? Is this already possible now but just not yet practical? I can just see the future headlines now: Unfunded govt mandate forces auto makers to divulge trade secrets so a few amateur tinkerers can attempt backyard auto repair. Auto makers say the costs will be passed on to the buying public. Ok off my soap box for now. Have a good day sir. Rickey.


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Austin, TX
Although stealers would like to be the only ones to service your car, I don't think they'd get past the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Then again, Bill Gates has been able to get away with it, so who knows what the future holds. GPL is an attempt by programmers and engineers to keep corporate greed in check. Think Linux and how hard Bill Gates and Micro$oft have been trying to squash it on a daily basis, for years now.