Gotta love that 100,000 mile oil

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Mar 26, 2004
I was in advance auto parts earlier this week and the guy there told me he ran his oil for 100,000 miles, 13yrs on his toyota truck with filter changes + 1 quart every 10-15,000 miles. never cracked the drain plug, ever. I was like
but he says it was synthetic so it was OK and he sent in oil samples every filter change
(oil analysis is at least like $15, and he is already doing a filter change + 1 quart oil synthetic, why not just spend $5 more and get a jug of M1?) he went on for like 10 minutes, I feel dumber now, after hearing him talk.

This was the same place where a different employee told me Lucas Gear Oil >> Redline
quite a group they have working there
WIth a bypass filter and ideal conditions it's entirely possible to go tens of thousands of miles without actually removing the drain plug. But seeing as it took him 13 years to put on 100k I think he'd run into problems. Oil degrades with time as well as miles and short trips really beat it up too.

One of my vehicles will reach 18,000 miles w/o an oil change by the end of this month. All I did was change the filter at 12k and the UOA showed the oil to be doing very well at that time. At the end of August it'll have 25k and I'll change both filters and put in 2 fresh quarts of oil which should really help boost the additives back up. I will not change the oil until the UOA says it's time to do so.

And just think, this vehicle of mine is only used 5 hours/day, 4 days per week. If I could have it on the road say 12 hours/day, 7 days per week, I think the OCI could be extended indefinitely. The miles would be piling on so fast and new oil would be added every 2 weeks via the filter change that the oil would never degrade.
I do know of a neighbor who never changed oil in a V8 ford and the engine went down bad at around 55,000. He was a Pennzoil user. That's a prety good testament for Pennzoil but, not my neighbor.
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