Got tired of the Poulan not starting

Jan 8, 2007
So I switched to Echo. 2 new chainsaws today. The cs2511 and cs501
the 2511 is so light I think I will be using it often, in fact its almost to light encouraging 1 handed use.
The 501 is what will replace my Poulan 42cc saw I have had for years. It never wants to start.

I have lots of stuff to cut, guess I have no excuses now





Too bad you weren't back in New England. I'd show you some New England hospitality and come over and watch you use your saw and talk to you about mine.:whistle:

Happy CS400 owner here.
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I wouldn't feel right throwing a Poulan/Poulan "Pro" in the trash for someone else's misery. I have 2 acres of woods and have an Echo Timberwolf.
I'm a fellow Poulan sufferer and it hasn't ticked me off quite bad enough to drop the cash on another saw yet, but when I do it will be an echo. I really like that little top handle saw. I have an old Stihl 009L with a 14in bar and I use it for everything that is smaller. Its really handy.

I just bought a Echo brush cutter and it is an absolute beast.

I had a Poulan for about 10 years. It was a bugger to start but ran pretty good after it started. It lacked power for a saw with a 20" bar if I was in big hardwood. I ran 10 gallons of gas through it the last time I used it cutting up an Ash tree. She finally blew up but not bad for ~$100 saw.

I bought a Stihl 271 Farm Boss a couple years ago and couldn't be happier! Easier to start and does not lack for power. It likes fuel but that's ok. It is way less frustrating filling a saw than dealing with one that won't start!

Just my $0.02
Wow, the little 2511 is a ripper. I think it's 1hp but it feels better than the 42cc poulon. so light and powerful I think the 501 is going to sit awhile
Yeah I got tired of pullin on the Poulan too. They as well as all the other plastic junk saws are the same.
Ha ha. Several years ago I threw my old Poulan across the yard. Then I bought a corded electric chain saw. I don't live in the sticks any more, so this worked best for me.

If I still lived in the sticks, I'd buy an Echo or a Stihl.
I think a chain saw is one of those things, that in a populated area, absolutely has to be able to finish the job it starts.
I went corded electric years ago.
Always finishes the jobs it starts.
Chains, bars, bushings, all the regular wear items get changed, but it always starts and restarts.
I got burned thrice on Poulan power equipment.

On a lark and dire need...

Ditched it all in a scrap bin at recycling yard.

I'm a decade long owner of an Echo CS400 chainsaw.
A year behind that? A spanking new Echo 22Cc string trimmer.

Both are fueled off of premium 93 octane gas and 50:1 ratio Echo power 2-cycle mix.

After all these years?

Let's name that song!

I can get them started and whistling a tune within three pulls.
There was another problem that happened a lot with my past Poulans besides not wanting to start: getting it started, taking off the choke after it seemed to want it off, then when you squeeze the throttle trigger to start using the saw, the engine would make a burp and shut off. Over and over. Annoying and infuriating.
I bought a DeWalt 20v Max chainsaw and have none of those starting issues and operation is nearly silent. I can saw on a Sunday morning and you can’t even hear it from the house. I use the 5AH batteries with it. I do still have an Echo string trimmer though since I repowered my old 1980’s MTD edger with a 4 HP Lifan engine, I have not used the Echo all season.
Echo is good stuff. I have the cs-450, i'd like a smaller one, like yours for limbing. For saws over 60cc, husky is great.

Poulan is not what it was 30 years ago, i would not even consider one now.
I wouldn't feel right throwing a Poulan/Poulan "Pro" in the trash for someone else's misery. I have 2 acres of woods and have an Echo Timberwolf.
Yeah, felt guilty putting one at the curb ~ year old - stayed there about 4 hours - new record 😷
Replaced with Stihl gasser and Worx 120V … all good now …
My brother in law calls them pull-on,s you keep pulling on them and they won't start