Got some time to work on my toy

Dec 19, 2013
Fort Worth, Texas
Finally installing the built 4L65E into the Camaro as all my appointments cancelled because the weather & the 133 car pile up that happened here in North Fort Worth.

Took my time while jammin' to some Type O Negative, Rammstein, Black Label Society, Motorhead, Pantera among others....At a volume much louder than normal. Fired up the two 150K NG Modine's at @ midnight last night so it was a nice & comfortable 73 degrees in the shop this mourning......I don't know how some of you guys deal with frigid temperatures all winter long;)

Decided to go all 6-AN on the cooler lines...And of course what really makes a auto trans perform....A 258mm Circle D single disc Pro Billet converter that has roughly a 2800-3000rpm stall. I don't allow lock-up at anything over 65% throttle & the car being so light weight.....I don't need a multi disc converter clutch.









My best friend works for Watson Drill Rigs & he uses it for hydraulic hoses on the rigs. He gives me the scraps. Just about any Industrial Hydraulic Hose outfit will have it.....Like Stuart Hose or Midwest Hose
Hi Clinebarger. Where is your shop located??Would like you to turn off AFM and do your magic on PWM on a 2016 1500 5.3 6l80e
Simply beautiful, great idea for the chafing gear on the lines. Does "stall " mean that the RPM has to be above 3000 to change gears? TIA
Love it! The machining on that TC is an entirely different league...

what year is the ‘maro?


Cline, I bet you're glad to have that spray foam on the walls of your shop now. What sort of temperatures are you seeing there?
Yes sir! Also helps in the Summer. Mid 20's for temp.....Yawl can laugh if you want, I'm cold at anything below 50 degrees ;) Rather it be 105 degrees than 25 degrees.
Simply beautiful, great idea for the chafing gear on the lines. Does "stall " mean that the RPM has to be above 3000 to change gears? TIA

Nothing to do with Shift Timing. 3000 RPM is just the advertised stall speed. This is a complicated subject & this video will do a better job than I ever could at explaining it.

Installed some Power Stop Rotors, Calipers & Pads, The car always stopped pretty well....But the Rotors & Calipers looked like crap. I got some 17x9.5 Torque Thrust II wheels going on & the brakes will no longer hide behind the stock 16x8 wheels.

Tried to get the tires mounted on the wheels......But my tire shop was closed:(







Your shop is so clean I could eat off the floor. Standards to live up to...
It's a constant battle especially in a "working" shop, I put cardboard down under every vehicle & use a roll around trash can to catch most of the falling debris & dripping fluids. Still have to sweep every day & spot clean the concrete with a brush & solvent.

I wanted to coat the floor.....But I've never seen that stuff hold up long term.
Good video... that actually helped me too.

i didnt notice it before, but that looks like a pretty comprehensive aftermarket subframe brace (tubular, red) as well.