got some MY02

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Nov 25, 2005
stopped by AZ today and got 3 bottles of my02 and 3 of my04. The 02 stuff should still be fine right? Getting kind of old. I opened one of the bottles just to see the green. That shouldn't affect storage of a couple months should it?

Can't decide which to put in first, M1 5w30, M1 T&SUV, or GC. I probably won't be driving my car for a few months but I want to put some of the new oil in now!! Car is a LS1 Trans Am. I think I'll put the M1 5w30 in till it gets hot outside.

I wouldn't open 'em in that good Ohio humidity until you are ready to use them...I'd use the one you opened as soon as you can...
yeah, I figured that I shouldn't have opened one. But I wanted to see the GREEN.

No I'm about a hour and a half north of Cinci.
I heard oil can last for a very long time? Even if you open it then seal it up immediately?

Brake Fluid on the other hand....but motor oil?
another question...I have 4 quarts of GC m03...they are brand new as far as I know...but there could be a possibility someone at autozone opened them up? well my question this m03 GC going to perform just as fine as say an M0501 gree GC?
I wouldn't worry about all play it safe, if you are not sure if it has been opened or not...give it a good run after you first change it to get it good and hot...that won't correct anything that might have happened as it "aged," (it will cook any moisture out) but again I wouldn't lose sleep over what might have happened while it sat.
what about oil that has never been opened but is like 5yrs old? It's still okay to use it and will perform just as well as newer oils?

We'll need a petroleum engineer to wade in on this one to give us the expert's answer, but I think it is safe to say that it will probably lose some level of performance over time; however, I intend to use all my M02 GC and I have plenty left and I won't worry about doing so. I will shake the bottles vigorously before I pour in case anything has come out of suspension.
additve fallout and VII fallout will occur over time I like a 1-2 year time fram altho industry survey showed a 5+ year OK for PCMO's.

do not think any problem with old oil other than specs change offen and 5 year oil is at most a SG?

I think nearly every quart of GC I have ever purchased was 'slightly open' as Castrol didn't tighten one single lid before they left bottling...


I have heard others ask if the bottles leak. I know for me, I simply tightened the lids on all of them and I thought I had found the solution. Turns out, one bottle is definitely leaking and I ended up transferring the contents until I can use it shortly.


thats cool...I'm going to use my m03 first then...its gonna be 3yrs old in Feb 06...still within the 5yr spec....and yes I will give it a good shake before pouring it in....wEE!
Spotted 5 or 6 MY02 bottles the other day. I could not remember the year range. Please fill me in AGAIN.
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