Got my Rotella-T 10W-30 Today!

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May 17, 2009
N.H, U.S.A.
Looking all over for this stuff for the Wife's Subaru. Finally found it(1gal jug) at Sanel Auto Parts in Exeter, NH. Lady at the counter (I think she was a lady ...) said this is expensive stuff. I said if its $20 its expensive and if its $15 its cheap enough (given I was at an independant AP store. She rang it up and said, $13.53. I was whistle'n as I walked out. It's CJ/SM but that's OK since its goin in the car - I would be a bit worried for the PZEV cats with the CI ADD pack. Yipee! I may even do an UOA on it, though total milage is still in the break in arena.
Nah, you'll be fine. PS-- I used to have a game I played with the cross country team in college years ago called "Chick or Dude", from a distance you guess if it is a man or woman coming your way...LOTS of fun, I lost often :)
Not open for further replies.