Got bored so I fired up the smoker

Jan 8, 2007
My take on 5 spice. made a 5ish spice rub and did an overnite seasoning. Cooked ribs as I would normal BBQ but at the end put a sticky 5 spice style glaze at the end. Also made ranch beans and cucumber salad. Came out pretty good for a first shot. [Linked Image] [Linked Image]
Originally Posted by BlueOvalFitter
Is that "THE GREEN EGG" smoker? My friend has the 18" mobile GREEN EGG. It's a very nice smoker, but for $800, I will pass.
It's a Primo smoker, I have had it for many years. They are expensive but imo worth it. Unless I do something to make it crack it will last forever. Buy once cry once. Also made in USA so I like that.