Got 12 quarts of the green stuff!!

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Apr 7, 2003
la jolla, ca
I thought they quit making the green GC but I happened to see some at a local Autozone, had 12 quarts on the shelf so I took them all. For $5.19 a quart that's not too bad considering some Mobil 1's are more. This is my first time with this special stuff [Smile]
What autozone in san diego? I thought I have hit up every AZ in san diego. You sure its green?
Darn, upon closer inspection I got 6 quarts of the green stuff (M02..) and 6 quarts of the gold stuff (M05..) Still better than none since I've never had either! Hmm, I will have to mix 1 quart of gold with the green when I use them for an oil change. Mira Mesa Autozone BTW.
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