Goodyear Wrangler Radials at Walmart

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Sep 30, 2005
The Goodyear Wrangler Radial is sold at Walmart only and is available in one size, P235/75/15. Was thinking about putting a set on my 2WD truck. They will be used mainly for highway driving... was wondering how they handle on wet roads? Anyone have any experience with these tires or know anything about them?
[No no] [No no] [No no] I wouldn't! Had a set of them, great if you live in the desert, i.e. no rain, snow, ice. HORRIBLE on wet surface. Traction [Confused] What traction??? If you're looking for a low cost A/T tire, I'd recommend Yokohama Geolander A/T's - GREAT traction in all situations. Can be had a Discount tire's for good price.
Thanks for the input… I suspected the Wrangler “Radial” wouldn’t handle well in wet conditions but it’s made exclusively for Walmart and I didn’t know how it compared to the Wrangler line sold at other tire stores. Yokohama Geolandar, Kumho Road Venture, and Hankook DynaPro are on my short list but $55 for the Wrangler’s at Walmart is enticing so I wanted to ask for opinions.
compare specs/tread pattern/etc closely on tires "Made exclusively for Walmart". Usually the only thing exclusinve is the model #.
The Wrangler Radial has been made for years and years. If you watch Back to the Future, look at the black Toyota truck that Michael J Fox lusts over. Its easier to see in the 3rd one but the tires are Wrangler Radials (yes, i'm a dork). So the design of that tire predates me. They were standard equipment on my mom's 94 Grand Cherokee. My full size spare is a Wrangler Radial.
And they get a good close-up of the Eagle GT on the DeLorean...during the Lybian attack. Had 4 Eagle GTs on a 1985 Chevy Celebrity Eurosport. 2 had slipped belts by 10k.
ANYTHING but Goodyear! I'd prefer used Coopers over new Goodyears. Just never had a good, Goodyear tire, ever. I have 4 Goodyear Eggs on my wife's '04 Quest. These are Eagle LS2, supposedly one of thier top-shelf touring tires. I have bought bicyle tires with better build quality than what I have seen from Goodyear!
My experience on a Jeep GC was that the Wrangler tire is just so-so and is a high maintanence tire with respect to holding a balance. Now that I think of it I've never had anything but so-so performance from any Goodyear tire compared to othe manufactures. Apparantly the racing experience doesn't get to the daily driver tires.
Only truck tire I like from walmart is the BFGoodrich ones, work quite well on my moms fullsize van. However, had we had a discount tire or other tire store that wasn't so expensive around, I would of got her the Yoko Geolanders, excellent excellent tire.
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