Goodyear Viva 2

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Jun 24, 2004
Memphis, TN.
Bought a set of VIVA 2's from WalMart for my '01 Park Avenue. Have about 6k on them now. Gotta say these are nice tires and I am totally satisfied with them. Smooth and quiet on the highway, good traction on both wet and dry pavement. And the price was really right !
These tires are made from the same carcas as the GoodYear Ragatta 2(sold at GoodYear dealerships), GoodYear Allegra(sold at Sam's Club), GoodYear WeatherHandler LS(sold at SEARS) and of course the VIVA 2's that you have purchaced from WalMart. I have the Allegra's from SAM's on my daughter's car. Pretty Good Tire ! Real Good Price !
I have a set of Viva 2s on my beater Camry. I have run them for over year, and and I must say that I am very satisfied. This week, I had someone pull out in front of me. The panic stop left 20 foot skid marks. I was braking downhill at the time. For what its worth, the sound of the skid was deep and growly...much "larger sounding" than the 185-14 tire size would indicate. I run into lots of sand at stop signs, and these tires are very good at pulling down that last few MPH without skidding.
they are a good(GREAT TIRE) tire for the price, trouble is in my case they are not being made any more in my size. Goodyear has stopped making the "little" ones due to their not being enough profit in the sale for them. No more 155/80-13's for the Geo Metro's. Goodyear is bringing in tires of this size from Poland and Brazil now. I am on a "buy the last in stock of them at WM" run now and am storing them away for later on.
If these are the same as Goodyear Regatta II's you have a very good tire. We put them on my wife's car and I couldn't believe the improvement in handling and wet weather traction over her stock tires.
In one of Consumer Reports tire test, the Regatta II's(GoodYear dealership)and the Weather Handler LS's(Sears) did quite well in the snow and respectable in the other areas. I like the Allegra's(Sam's Club) because of their resistants to hydroplaning and respectable foul weather ability for the money. I didn't know this going in. Just got luckey I guess!
We had about 60k miles on our Viva 2s when we sold the car. They still had life in them too. They are probably the best tire for under $50 you can buy, and maybe the best under $100, if your looking for a smooth ride, good wet and snow traction. They aren't very sporty, I have the Viva Tourings on my car now and they are better in this reguard. They have great traction, we never once had a problem in the winter. -T
BTW, the Viva Touring is similar to the Regatta 2, not the Viva 2. Both are excellent tires.
175/70-13 do NOT fit the rims on a Suzuki Swift properly! plus the rolling resisance kills the mpg! I've seen them done and I will not do it. I have run 165/13 metric's before and that is about it for the 4.5inch wide rim. New rims, ok- but it's not in my budget, the 155/80-13 are and have been working fine for me the last 6 or 7 Swift/Metro's(along with a few 165/13's)main driver since 1987
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