Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Tire

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Jan 16, 2003
Shippensburg, PA
Anyone ever use this tire? I am not talking about the Ultra Grip Ice, or Ultra Grip GW3... just the plain old stud-able Ultra Grip. Discount Tire Direct has a pretty good price on them, and I am wondering how they compare to the Winterforce, in terms of winter performance, dry pavement performance, and wear.

I ran 4 of those on an older Honda Civic. I gave the tires away after we donated the car, and they still plenty of tread left after 8 seasons. I would put them on at the first freeze, and leave them on until no longer needed. The only traction problems that I had was in deeper, slushy snow, where I would still need cable chains once in awhile. Deep, slushy snow seems to sometimes need more voiding, something like a mud terrain or aggressive all terrain can work well, but such tires don't seem to always do as well on packed snow and especailly soft, polished ice. With the studded tires on the Civic I could drive when you could not walk on the roads during ice storms, as the car was light, front wheel drive, and the studs held well enough. With an AT or MT tire that does ok in snow but not on ice you don't have many alternatives left as chains don't always work on such tires, while a good ice tire can always be chained for deep, slushy stuff.

In summary they were good tires, and my experience with them over the years made me a believer of studded tires. Hockey rinks don't tell you squat about worst case winter traction problems, hills and polished 'soft' ice close to freezing do.
I guess I should have clarified... although they are "stud-able", I was probably going to run them without studs, since we seldom get extreme ice around here.

Thanks for sharing your experience... good info!
"Help me decide!"


Look at the tread patterns. Visualize within thine mine that tread digging into snow as you confront the snowy road before thee.

Then, ponder the perils of powering thine vehicle down a road with packed snow and/or icy patches. Imagine how the treads laying naked before thee would respond to the slipperiness, the reduced friction coefficient where the rubber meets the road.

Look at the little sipes that assist when rolling over smooth icy surfaces. Gaze upon the larger spaces designed to allow maximum adhesion with loose snow.

Imagine all the people.... living for today.. la la la la.... uhhhhhh

Trust thine gut feeling knowing that any winter tire will be better than a non-winter tire. Every bit helps.

And, look at the rating that indicates tire longevity.... whether it's a softer or harder concoction used to make the tire. Softer is better for winter, especially on ice. Not good for warmer weather but you'll be yanking 'em off when good weather returns.

I peeked at several winter tires and thought the WinterForce had a decent tread; aggressive, deep, lots of little sipes for ice and a soft compound. Good enuff for little ol' me
Look at my Winterforce post. I personally would skip them. I would recommend looking at this months Consumer Reports as they tested 12 winter tires.
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