Goodyear TripleTread vs. Michelin HydroEdge

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Nov 26, 2002
Texas & BWI Area
If it came down to those 2 which one you finally choose?

The only thing i can hit Michelin on is the "visual" lack of siping for snow/wet squeegie effect for positive traction.

Then again the HydroEdge has a silica tread compound which are amazing in wet and snow (like the BF Goodrich Traction T/A)

My concern against Goodyear is that GY has shown itself to make bad and absolutely amazing product lines.

Is the same old same old Goodyear marketing a fad or have they truly produced something notable here?
Almost hands down the GY Triple Treads. The price performance is better than the Michelin Hydroedge. The anecdotal data on TireRack show it to be excellent in ALL areas.

When my Honda Civic needs new tires, the GY Triple Treads are definitely on my top contenders list, the next one being the GY Comfort Treads.
I was looking at both these tires. Unfortunately, the Triple Treads were not available in my size. I got the Hydro Edge, as a plesant surprize they were made in the USA. I'm happy with them, the wet & snow traction is good. Michelin usually makes pretty good tires.
Michelin now owns the BF Goodrich brand, and Uniroyal as well. Marketing wise, Michelin is positioned as the "top tier" tire, BG Goodrich the middle brand, and Uniroyal the "economy" choice.

However, I find that a lot of the performance rated BFG tires have good combinations of tread wear indices and speed/performance ratings at pretty good prices (such as at TireRack).

As a result, I have been running BFG all season tires (KDWS line) on my old Infiniti Q45 sedan.

My really old (1984) Mercedes diesel still has Goodyear rain tires.

For winter use up here, nothing can beat Nokians.
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