Goodyear “Performance Max” Full Synthetic Motor Oil

I do appreciate all of this insight. I am not a cheap person (but do appreciate value and a competitive market), and I am meticulous with my cars. That is why I came here to ask about this oil. I have no problem investing $25 (Supertech syn. and ST syn. oil filter) every 5,000 miles for my cars. I always have.

We all work for our money however, and it would be foolish to recycle perfectly good motor oil due to the “Goodyear” label.

For more context, I received all this oil from a pretty reputable mechanic’s shop. He is not cheap by any means either. He couples this oil with Purolator oil filters, and he must have the ability to get much cheaper off brand filters than that for his customer’s oil changes.

The insight (and even opinions) from this forum are valuable to me, and I do thank you all for the help.

I won’t need an oil change for some time with this oil, as I still have a small stock of Supertech, but I will revise this thread when I closely watch my first 5,000 mile run with the Goodyear oil, and report it here.
I've never seen this type of oil before. I stear clear of their tires but then having their own markings on oil is something new to me. I'm not a sure what quality it might be; guessing standard plain old grp 3 oil.

I too have had lousy luck with their tires.
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Sounds like a lot of synthetics out there. It does meet Dexos specs.
It may meet certain specs, in this case, Dexos1/2 (according to the image of the jug), but, IMO, it's a lower-tier oil, or as some have characterized, an entry-level synthetic. It has a place and is useful for many situations. It might be on par with Mobil Synthetic, maybe some Warren-Highline oils, etc.