Goodyear Assurance Comfortred

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Sep 16, 2004
Vista, CA
Anyone have these tires? I'm looking for a 205 55 16 tire for my wife's 850 Volvo. Her commute is almost 100 miles a day, 4 days a week. It appears that this Goodyear is a high mileage tire with an 80k guarantee, and extra sidewall protection for rubbing curbs, which se does, now and then.
I just got a set of Goodyear Assurance TripleTred Tires for the wife's car.
A nice directional tire supposedly very good in rain,snow and ice along witn the same 80K mileage.
So far they do very well on wet roads.
Don't know about snow yet but living in CA you don't have to worry about snow.
I used them on the last car when the summer tires came off. Great except for snow where they were definetly below average even for an all season. Quiet, smooth and grippier than expected in the dry but not crisp. good in wet. The tripletreds look like they might be crisper and better in snow but not as quite or smooth.
Got 'em. Really quiet, I mean noticeably more quiet than other newly installed Michelin tires I had. Grippy. Not tried in the snow yet. The problem is they reduce the gas mileage by 1-2 mpg. For A relatively low milege driver like me, that was OK, until gas hit 3 bucks. Then it becomes an issue. Check out Michelin Harmony. If I had it to do over today, that's what I would use. Got Harmony's on my other car and they increased gas mileage and are grippy. At one time Goodyear had a 30 day trial. When I first got these, I was so smitten with them I did not take them back, also gas was 1.59 I put 3 more pounds of air in them to compensate for high rolling resistance, and got a firmer ride and slightly better fuel mileage. But comfort is the reason I got them in the first place. Do the math on 100 miles a day and 1-2 mpg less. It's shocking. Does not take much time for the michein to pay for itself. Hope this helps. Feel free to post any more questions about this tire.
Thanks for the info, everyone. I guess I'm going to keep looking. What I need is a good 205 55 16 for a Volvo 850 Turbo wagon. I'm going to look at the Michelin Harmony tires and also see what else is out there.
The local Discount Tire manager has TripleTreds on his Subaru and really likes them. I've ordered a set for my Volvo turbo. He says that the ComfortTred are excellent is soft ride is what you want.

Take a look at Consumer Reports NOV 05 issue, pg 58-61 or so. Tires mentioned above were tested by CR and results posted. You can probably better tailor your choices by determining which qualities noted by CR fits closer to your weather, driving habits, etc.
Surprisingly, CR rated TripleTred as being quieter than ComfordTred while Tirerack & many reviews clearly showed otherwise.

I'm a fan of CR but could they be wrong this time?
Bought 2 of these tires. They are much quieter than the Michelins they replaced. Have not noticed a mpg drop. They "drive" well, and are not vague in road feel.
Just put 2 on myself. Smooth, quiet ride. Did well in rain, will be curious to see how they do in snow. The installer I talked to said they wives of the guys at the shop seem to prefer these over the triple tread because they are quieter. Thumbs up so far, but I've only put 400 miles on them.
Last month I bought 4 Goodyear comfortreads for my 04 Taurus.This tire runs smooth and quiet and they got my wife through snowy roads 2 weeks ago.
I used an on line tire calculator and I found that a 205/65/16 specs very close to the original 215/60/16.I went with the 205/65/16 as they have a smaller tread width for better snow driving performance and no change in the cars stability.
I would recomend the comfortread.

I used an on line tire calculator and I found that a 205/65/16 specs very close to the original 215/60/16.I went with the 205/65/16 as they have a smaller tread width for better snow driving performance and no change in the cars stability.

I had never driven in snow - but how does a narrower tire help snow traction?
Think of a wider tire being like a snow shoe...the wide area of a snow shoe makes it possible to ride "up on top of the snow"

So a wider tire will run up on the snow rather than cut down into it like herbie said.
I purchased G/Y comforttreds just before thankgiving for my 02 Impala and really like them, I have had no drop in MPG, and have gone thru 3 snow storms and 1 ice storm with these tires and have had no issues with traction or handling with them, Thankgiving day I traveld in a snow storm all day long and made up my mind to keep them that night.(I used to be a truck driver and have driven many miles in many storms and I'll travel somewhat faster than your average driver) maybe I have an advantage with my driving experience over the average driver but I had no problem with these tires,and when I could get away from the pack I was running 45/50 in 4-5 inches of snow and thought they handled very well,-It was a great test,G/Y gives you 30 days to try them. When I first purchased them I found myself traveling faster than the speed limit because of the smooth ride, IMO a good all season tire.
I put these tires on an 02 Honda Accord about 3K miles ago. Probably the best tires I've ever had. No change in gas mileage.
I must have gotten some duds then...I'm not happy at all with the ride of the Comfys on my Matrix. Seems that GY may have some issues with some of these tires being out of round..I'm wondering if this is what is happening in my case as they needed an awful large amoung of weight in my mind to balance the tires.

The wheel isn't shaking out of my hand but it is vibing enough and in the butt-o-meter to be noticable...given what these tires are designed for I think the ride should be smoother. I'm gonna have them rebalanced and take it from there. If the ride is not improved I'll opt for the Triple Treds or a Michelin product.

fwiw though the tires were pretty sure footed in some slippery condtions last night....mix of rain and snow..just would like a better ride than what I am getting right now..the stock Contis felt better to me and that is just wrong!
Got the tires Road Forced balanced..they are a bit smoother but ehhhh...I think I am asking too much out of these tires for such a small buzzy car in the first place. I think I am going to opt for the Triples...more traction and handling and not that much worse of a ride I imagine. Leave the Comfys for the big highway cruisers
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