Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring

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Oct 2, 2006
I saw these tires in a recent post here on BITOG. Look like a good tire with a great warranty. However, available sizes don't come in the exact size for my Santa Fe (R235/70 R16). There are two pretty close--R225/70 R16 and R235/65 R16. Would either of those be a viable alternative, or would it be best to look for another tire? Thanks in advance, Ryan
Had them on an MKX … very smooth and quiet ~ had little wear at 20k when vehicle traded in … Fine in the rain ~ about all I worry about down south for a passenger car type of tire …
That is because those tires are designed for regular cars, not SUV's. There may be a truck-specific tire that better suits your needs smile Here are some good alternatives in your size 235/70-16: Nokian WRG3 SUV Vredestein Quatrac 5 Goodyear CS Fuel Max Michelin Defender LTX General Grabber HTS60 Nokian Rotiiva AT Conti CrossContact LX20
I think either tire would work fine, assuming the load index is appropriate, although I'd go with the 225/70 since it's closer in OD (only 1.9% smaller compared to 3.2% with the 235/65). I'd personally go with a different tire that's available in the original size though. I wouldn't worry too much about getting something designed specifically for trucks or SUVs, unless you really do use it for heavy loads or constant towing.
OK, where are you going to buy? Do you have a relationship with a local tire shop to have them installed? How do you drive? Do you go off-road? Snow? Mud? Tow? You can usually +1 on the tire size easily enough. So I'D opt for the 65 series, but go one step wider and that will get you back close to nominal diameter smile
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