Goodyear American Eagle tires (walmart)

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Dec 9, 2003
Anyone have a review on these tires.I found some on clearnace from $72 to $45 per tire. Cant even get a set of the cheapest Kumhos for that. I can still return them as they are not mounted. Came from where but walmart and the Goodyear site lists it as a walmart only model. I want a smooth ride. I am average joe Point A to B guy. No thrills when I drive. I just like the freedom of going places.
havent seen a gooduyear tire ever last long. you get what you pay for. the goodyear wranglers that came on my truk new barely lasted a year and that was jsut regular driving. so they are GOOD(for a)YEAR my wife got the douglas touring tires at wally world and they have stood up good for local driving and wear has been very good. these tires are made by goodyear too but not the soft wearing rubber on the douglas. the ride is smooth but kinda stiff. dotn know if because of her malibu is low.
OEM GY Wrangler RTS are OEM garbage. However not all wranglers are bad either. The Fortera SilentArmor and the new Wrangler Triple Tread are decent performers.
For $45.00/tire, I don't think you can beat that price. The American Eagle is their performance all season tire, a good choice for most coupes and sedans. WalMart offers a 60,000 mile treadlife warranty. If you want smooth and quiet check out the Goodyear Viva Touring or the Michelin Symmetry, both at WalMart. Dunno if they're gonna go for $45 though.
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