Good price on Amsoil,going to try it.

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Aug 20, 2003
I went to buy some oil today and found Amsoil on sale for $4.85 a qt. I've never tried it because its always been more $$$ than M1,and they seem to be on par as far as quality. This was for their synthetic 10-30 with the gold label.

I've never done an UOA,how far should I run it before I send in a sample? My trucks a 2001 with 26K on it.
Run the first interval to 5k, then change the oil and do a UOA. It's a good idea when changing brands of oil to only go about 5k on the first run, then put in fresh stuff. On the second interval then you could go beyond 5k.
You live in Everett, WA? If so, I'm thinking you bought it at GI Joes. I could match or beat that price. You still need to pay sales tax. Besides even if I match the price you would be buying from a site sponsor

Gold label? 10W-30? Sounds like old stock. Should have product code ATM on the back.

I agree with Patman 5-6K interval max. There will be some cleaning going on and you could have a pre-existing engine issue.
I agree with Patman. Do an analysis after 5k and go for longer intervals after that, depending on the results you get.

I'm running Amsoil in my Toyota Echo and doing an UOA every 6k until the lab says NO MORE.

Similar to 3 Mad Ponchos test but with much longer intervals.
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