Good online sites for discount MO??

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Once upon a time had a sale on European and other higher end oils (Total, Redline etc.)
Since then I check their website regularly. They have sales.
Amazon occasionally. For example they price matched Walmart with 5 qts of Mobil 1 for $22.66 over the summer. Free shipping if you have prime or spend $35.

They had steeper sales a while back-- I got cases of Valvoline 5w20 for $1.37/qt. Kept it on a shelf until I finally got a car that took it.
The "ZON" has T6 jugs delivered for twentyone bucks and as they say around here "change". Same price as the local Walmart, but NO sales tax. You have to have "Prime" for free delivery.
You'll find the occasional killer deal on Amazon with free shipping. You can sometimes stack offers on Amazon to get a great price.
Petroleum Service Company also sometimes has great closeout deals.
There is a site, can't remember the name, but you'll find it with a little searching, that offers great pricing on larger quantities of oil in mainly heavier grades. If you can use a pallet or two of oil this would be for you, or you could maybe band together with some local buddies or fellow members and split up a large quantity.
CL is always worth a look. I've bought both some Amsoil SSO 0W-20 and some TGMO 0W-20 for great prices through CL posts. I've also seen some great deals I couldn't really use, like a drum of 76 10W-40 for $275.00.
Some of the best deals are found locally with closeout oils on which you can also get MIRs.
In these cases, you can sometimes get paid to use the oil.
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