Good ol Toyota Quality

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Oct 11, 2002
Colorado Springs
Whelp, I've had my new 02 Corolla for a 18 days now and the driver side power window busted last night.
Was there any noise that would come from that area when raising or lowering the window. Honda has "problems" with their door lock actuators.
I have a good example of good ole toyota quality.
I have whats left of a 5SFE 2.2L engine from a 1994 camry that has 79,000 miles on it and it has a HUGE hole in the side where a connecting rod went through it
so big you can stick your hand in the block.
I have not taken it apart yet to see why it kicked a rod but i don't think it was an oil issue because the rod journal is nice and smooth and not scored up.
It looks like the rod bolts just sheared off causing it to throw a rod.
She was just cruising along and BOOM
that was it.
On the bright side the new (used) engine i put in there for her works great
I don't think toyota builds them like they used to.

Originally posted by Ironduke4:
I don't think toyota builds them like they used to.

i've always suspected that once toyota started mass producing like gm, building outside of japan, most likely outsourcing components, building to specified price points, that at some point they will have become the new chevrolet. welcome to the new heartbeat of america.
I'll say this too: the car is rattle trap!! Perhaps worse than my mom's 1999 Olds 88 with 120K. But what the hey, it'll only get worse as it'll get driven thousands of times on dirt roads. As I type, the mechanic just called: new window motor needed. $379 Whelp, I won't be using the automatic down feature anymore
Jetta Owners, heck VW owners, have the most right to complain about window motors. I think they finally got it right with our '04 though. No problems on this one, where the others (Beetle & Jetta) failed within a couple, fell into the door and dont come back up.

Also, GM owners who operate the drivers side window can also complain, but second to VW owners.

Everyone else is musical chairs for complaining.
Does $379 sound like an *** raping? I called the Toyota dealer and they wanted about $270 but that didn't include the hour charge for diagnosis. Plus, the place that's replacing it middled up the motor price like any shop does. Auto repair businesses are the biggest crooks, I swear. Worse than the ******* Mofia.
time to get handy with tools, Drew. It's not hard, you just need patience and a bit of time.
do they give you a smoke afterwards?

actually wouldn't know. I would have done it mayself without even asking how much. It's just one of those things I feel very comfortable in attempting, especially now since I have done a couple (just not on my Toyotas).

Originally posted by Drew99GT:
Whelp, I've had my new 02 Corolla for a 18 days now and the driver side power window busted last night.

I think people have the false perception that buying a Toyota/Honda = no problems. I think statically your chances are lower however any car has issues.

I know your kidding but people out there have this misconception hence the high resale.
IMO Toyota cars and trucks are the most overrated vehicles in the USA.

Toyota's are good cars. So are the vast majority of new cars on the market.

If the new Chevy Cobalt was rebadged as a Toyota Corolla the Toyota folks would shout from every moutain top that it is the most reliable car on the road today.

I really shouldn't have said anything because Toyota owners get pretty touchy when others disagree with them. I am sure a thrashing will now begin.
How dare you say such things about the most reliable car ever built........oh wait, the **** thing busted last night

In all seriousness, I still think on average, in general, you'll have less problems with a Toyota/Honda/Nissan. Of course, there's this thing called Murphy's law though...
sorry 'bout that. I've had my 93 camry for 180k and none of the 4 power windows busted yet, and none on my 97 (178K) yet either.

So I guess you've got 7 more to go before we're even.....

I even bought the extended warranty on my 97 and never used it. But i sure slept better.

good luck, i still think you got a great car.
I managed to get 'all manual stuff' for two of my vehicles, the older car and the newer truck. Even the wife thinks that the power windows on the newer car are stupid, as you need to turn the power on to open or close them. Two coworkers have had to fix the power windows on their cars, and one had to duct tape some plastic and cardboard on until he could get it fixed, as he couldn't close the window during the rainy season.

In addition to the inconvienence of convienence accessories another reason for not getting power stuff is that is what they'll really cut corners on for lower cost, and what they'll make the most profit on.
Never lost the power windows in either the '95 or '96 Ford Contour. Having to turn the power on to open or close them is a bit stupid, but I suppose it helps prevent accidents..
Mine can only be operated in the "on" position, but there's no need to have the engine running and you can check that all of your dashboard indicator lights are working correctly while waiting for the window to open/close.
"New" "2002" and "18 days"

I don't think "NEW" is the word? "Used" comes to mind.

"Busted"??? Did the glass break? Switch go bad? Regulator fail?

If you want to feel better go talk to some '99.5-'05 Jetta IV owners about power windows!
I think the switch stuck and burned the motor out. I used the automatic power down and 10 minutes later, window no worky!

By the way, the car is "NEW" to me
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