Good Oil For LS1

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Apr 6, 2003
I was just wondering if anyone can give me some good recomendations for oil to use in an LS1 engine. I hear alot of good things about Delo 400 and delvac 1300 15w40. Is that to heavy to use. i dont care about a loss of horsepower with heavy oil i would rather have protection. I tried Royal Purple in my LT1 camaro but the pressure ran alot lower than with other oils so i dont plan on using that again. All help will be greatful.. JR
Patman could help you with this one. I'd say M1 0w-40, 10w-30, Delvac 1, any of Amsoil's 30wts. or Schaeffer's. Or mix M1 5w-30 with some 15w-50. Redline would be excellent I think if you drive it hard. All of these are excellent oils. Mobil 1 is on the thin side and from what I hear from the big LS1 fans, is that it's too thin and consumption is an issue. There is a study going on right now and consumption has not been an issue althouth to some, wear numbers are not too good. [ July 04, 2003, 04:01 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
The LS1 engines seem to like slightly thicker 30wt oils, something like Amsoil 5w30/10w30 or Redline 5w30/10w30. Thicker doesn't always equal better protection though. You'll most likely get better wear protection from Amsoil or Redline's 30wt oils than you will with those two dino oils you mentioned.
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