Good info on Votex magnetic drain plugs for Predator 9500 generator

Mar 16, 2003
Hello guys! Just thought I would pass on some info about magnetic oil drain plugs I have. Votex makes arguably the best magnetic plugs on the market. I found a couple different ones that work well with the Predator 9500W generator. I wasn't sure which one would be best so I bought both to try. FYI the threaded channel the plug threads into is about 65mm in length with 22.35mm of that being threaded. Votex oil drain plug model DP016 has a 10mm head on it and is close to the factory plug size plug with a 14.65mm overall length. This puts the magnet 12.60mm into the oil drain channel/oil pan sump. I found Votex model DP010 has a larger 17mm head but has the same size threads of M12x1.5 but was longer overall at 19.5mm. It puts the magnet at 17.30mm into the threaded channel. This puts the magnet out a little further into the oil. Theoretically this would be closer to the flow of oil and possibly catch more metal particles.
Both plugs are still in the threaded channel so no concerns about clearances...It is totally safe. I installed the DP010 and have been running it for 5 hours so far. Looking forward to seeing how much metal flakes it catches. Below is a picture of the factory plug on the right with the DP016 in the middle and the DP010 on the left: