Good forum, bad forum

Apr 27, 2012
How many active members do they have nowadays though ? How many new comments do they get ? Looking at that example, it had (2) new posts yesterday, (4) on Friday, (5) on Thursday, and so on. "going through a slow death", as you say.... I'm not going to dig into it but I'll bet between those (11) posts, 1-2 members were involved too.

Again, there's nothing wrong with super-specific forums like that. They simply can't last though.
Well yeah it's not a real high volume or has a super loyal following like the Corvette. The lesson there is don't keep a car more than 15-20 years because after that, good luck trying to find anyone that knows how to fix them. They did have the SVT Contour, but that was only for a couple years and they didn't make that many of them like vs a corvette.

There's also the Taurus club. It did cover several generations but as Ford dropped the name, it will eventually also die a slow death. They did segment it out so when I had a 4th generation, I never looked to see what people were doing with their 1st/2nd or 3rd generation ones, they'd pop into the 4th generation once in a while. I don't mind the idle chatter though, only 10-20% of the threads are really hard core technical stuff on how to do specific repairs. However many times they don't apply to your car and many people don't know how to use the search functions.