Good coverage for Biodiesel

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Brazil would be an even better place to make it, because of the long growing season and cheap ethanol, though you'd have to be careful about the cloud point.
Brazil or anywhere.

Heck, in Sweden they are running public transit on biofuels made from meat plant renderings.

Or we can hold a white-knuckled grip on the past because it's all we know.

Again, no takers that the DOE says the claim thet it takes more to make than to burn is false. Good thing too because this is new industry that will benefit this country both in refining and raw material sourcing.
I wonder if pellet stoves can burn canola seeds. There would be much more heating value in a sackfull, than with wood pellets.

Soybean oil is about 25 cents/lb. If a gallon weighs about 7.6 lbs, that's $1.90/gallon. With maybe 10% less energy than diesel, burning straight soy oil, it's equivalent to $2.11 a gallon.
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