Gonna risk it...2nd switch from dino --> syn.

Fayetteville, NC
Well, today is the GC day...going to get my 1st oil change after the 2100 mile-Arx rinse. After a few days of "to GC or not to GC", I guess the GC-curiousness has won, defeating the fear of starting syn.oil induced leaks/consumptions in HM engines after using dino.(which I had a case of, before the Arx, and which normalized with dino+Arx) IF this syn starts a leak, I guess I'd just switch back to dino or HM oils, and learn to live with it. I might run Arx maintenence dose and do a UOA on the GC after 3k miles.(1st time GC user) Hopefully, this time things will be better...mal gucken-)) Just wanted to share my thoughts...2 hrs to GC+FL-820s in the 4.6L, will post my impressions in a few days...thanks for all the support. [Cheers!]