Golf origins

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Dec 15, 2002
Retiredville SC
Sign seen in pro shop:

When men used to pound the earth with sticks, it was called witchcraft. Today, its called golf.
The priest skips church on Sunday to play golf. He gets to the 3rd hole and lo and behold his 3 wood carries to the green, a hole-in-one. Little does he know the Devil helped it in.

Play continues to to 10th tee par 3, and again` another hole-in-one, and the priest and his partner high-five. A demon with the Devil is a aghast helping this common pastor.

They move on in the back 9. At the 18th hole the priest strokes a beautiful tee shot, runs up to the green and (with help) another hole-in-one. The priest is overjoyed.

The demon says to the Devil, "You've helped him now 3 times. How can you do this?"

The devil replies, "yes I have, but who can he tell?"
Not open for further replies.