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Aug 9, 2005
seems that all the green is gone in the midwest. anyone have some hard facts on the composition of gold GC? is it all grp IV and higher, or are they pulling the grp III swap like before?
Sigh... if we only knew the answer to that one, this forum would have nothing to talk about.
I maintain that there is no conclusive proof either way. I think Group III can be ruled out, but are the basestocks EXACTLY the same? For me to lean either way would be speculation....there is a post or two alluding to some IR scans that say it looks the same...but when I read the actual threads, I'm not so hasty to agree.

The additive pack IS different, as is the color, smell and taste.
The composition looks to be the same with some minor differences in the amounts of Mg and Ca.
It also conforms to the same high VW, MB and BMW Euro standards.

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Originally posted by Pablo:
but when I read the actual threads, I'm not so hasty to agree.

Bruce has performed an IR analysis.
And he says it looks to be exactly the same. What's your evidence?
I really wish Terry or Molacule could wiegh in here.

I did not run IR could do so but whats the point when I did do IR on the gold it had the same polymer/ester as the green. So I'm sure gold and green differ only in additive system.

I'm sorry to be doubter but throw in a "whole new smell" (sung to a Disney theme), the color and the UOA's and there is sufficient doubt in my mind. Honestly I don't really care - but it does seem like a change to me
Well, it may have been the difference between SLX Formula and SLX LongTec that I'm thinking of (got those spec sheets at home, so I'll check). I don't know if there was any change of specs on Castrol USA site though.
I have the Castrol Spec sheet (pdf file) from 9/30/2004 printed out. The specs for Syntec 0w-30 on todays sheet dated 8/15/2005 are all the same.

100C Cst ..................12.1
210 F SUS .................66.8
Low temp C Cranking Vis cP 6200 @ -35
Low temp Pumping Vis cP....60000 @ -40
Specific Gravity...........0.847
Pound per gallon...........7.05

The text part of the todays page page adds MB 229.5, and GM-LLA-025, GM-LL-B-025 GM specs for GC 0w-30.

Are you sure you didn't see A3 along with those other specifications?

I haven't been a user of GC but I was glad to know it was out there and I like that spec.
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