Gold GC owners, chime in!

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Dec 12, 2005
Whats the truth behind this oil over the green? I hear many swear by the green and not the gold...and some say the gold is the predecessor of the green...who am I to believe? I need some answers quick cuz the autozone chain is doing the $3.99 special for GC...I might wanna stock up before this sale is over...Right now I wiped out my whole area clean of GREEN GC....but many other stores still have the GOLD GC just chillen...should I pick it up?
I own some gold GC, just did an OC with it last week, so I have to hold my breath for at least 3 months before it's time for another OC and a UOA from Blackstone...
Originally posted by steven88: and some say the gold is the predecessor of the green
They are mistaken, the gold GC is the successor to the green GC, not the predecessor. Perhaps you're thinking of the oldest Syntec 0w-30 which is not made in Germany and comes in a black/yellow bottle instead of GC's black/red. I still find bottles of it at my local AutoZone and always pass it by in favor of green or gold GC.
I just got a used 2kw portable gen set with a 5 hp Briggs & Stratton Quantum engine. Filled her up with Gold, pops to life on the first pull and purrs like a kitten. I'm ready for a blizzard now.
oops...I meant successor...for a second I thought predecessor meant exams > **** I'm seriously going on a shopping spree with this Gold GC stuff...I'm heading to AZ later to pick up more Gold GC if ya'll can convince me...its on sale!
I'm on my 3rd OCI of GC Gold and as of this afternoon, my engine has not blown up or seized. I don't know of any truths or lies about GC Gold or GC Green but having used both since 2003, I've got terrific UOA results. AFAIC, this is an outstanding oil and the fact you can get it at a local AutoZone makes it even better. Just my 2 cents, all truths and lies aside.
My last batch of green just went in our VW on Sat.. Previous batch was gold(7k mi). UOAs are pending, but the car doesn't seem to runs great on either.
steven88, mein junge, The Gold is almost certainly SLX LongTec/DCO Topup; you will have a hard time finding a better oil, especially at the prices they are charging for it at Autozone. The Green was fun; the Green was a solid performer (I have probably 180 quarts of it), but Long Live the Gold!
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