Going to try Pennzoil 5w20 in my Chrysler

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Jul 16, 2002
Alamogordo, NM
Wow, you can get Pennzoil 5w-20 in 5-qt jugs? Where and how much? You seem to be taking the unauthorized oil change rather well. What drugs are you on?
Originally posted by Jay: Wow, you can get Pennzoil 5w-20 in 5-qt jugs? Where and how much? You seem to be taking the unauthorized oil change rather well. What drugs are you on?
Wal-Mart, around $8 if I remember correctly. What I said to the guy about my "free" oil change isn't fit for public posting on this board. [Wink]
I have a Dodge Dakota, and I tried Mobil 1 0w-20 for a while. I got about 1.5 mpg better than with 10w-30, but my motor sounded really "HARSH" in the upper rpm's. (Although it is a Dodge push rod motor, so "Harsh" is sort of the norm [Big Grin] ) Your higher tech motor might respond well to the 20wt. But I found my mind wondering, to all those moving parts that were being protected by an oil that Dodge didn't spec. So I'm now going with Chevron Supreme High Mileage 10w-30. Darryl
Well, so much for running the GC in my Chrysler for a full year. I had to take it back to the dealer Friday for them to fix a switch they'd broken when they replaced the AC evaporator. I was looking under the hood this morning and caught a glimpse of a BLUE AC oil filter sticking out of the side of the block. I crawled under the car and sure enough my oversize Wix filter was gone. I called and spoke with the service rep that handled my "case" and he said they'd given me a complimentary oil change since I had to go to the trouble of coming back in for a problem. Oh, well... (I told him in the future that NO work was to be done on my car unless authorized by me.) I've been so impressed with the performance of Pennzoil 5w20 in my Olds van that I'm going to try it in my Chrysler (3.5, 24v SOHC, 252 HP, 6500 rpm redline). Wednesday is the next day when we're supposed to have weather nice enough to change the oil, but here is my plan: Buy two 5 qt jugs of 5w20 and one SuperTech ST8A filter. Drain the oil. Pour in 5 qts of 5w20. Drive ten miles. Drain oil and change filter. Fill with 5w20. Drain and test at 3000 miles. The 10 mile run on 5w20 and then doing another change is to get all the old oil out of there which should enable me to get a better picture on how the 5w20 does on the 3000 mile UOA. I've decided to go this route since my driving style now is not really ideal for extended drains anymore. I'm lucky if I put 7000 miles a year on my car. So I could go with a good quality "conventional" oil like Penn 5w20 and 2 oil changes a year. (If I don't get good results with the 5w20, I'll probably try the Penn High Mileage next.) Comments?
Originally posted by Johnny: Sounds like the perfect plan to me. [Big Grin]
And that's your unbiased opinion, right? [Cheers!] BTW, keep digging for info on the EOP. As soon as I'm sure that's what's in a bottle of Pennzoil synthetic, I'll give it a try.
I'll be very interested in your results. I like the 10 mile fill/flush/filter change to clean out GC and get a good reading on Pennz. Yea, I'd be bummed about them draining the expensive and coveted GC but after all, they were trying to do something extra for you. Not too many dealers would think of that or care that you had to come back because of their mistakes. I recall when my Ford dealer "topped off" the oil in my truck. They added a whole qt. of Motorcraft 5w-20 to the pretty new fill of Amsoil Series 2000 0w-30. Man was I ticked! And they overfilled it by "topping it off". It was way over the max line on the diptstick. I wish our Wally World or anyplace around here had those 5 qt. jugs of Pennz 5w-20. Mikep
This doesn't have anything to do with todays Chrysler products, but I got word that Chrysler was going to recommend 5W20 in 2005. Also heard that GM is looking at this also.
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Use fresh oil for 10 minutes and drain? Boy, I'd save that oil and reuse it after your done with the test at 3,000 miles.
Thats a good idea, you could run it a quart low for the flush too.
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