Going to try a 5w20 in my 93 Vic tomorrow

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Sep 22, 2004
New Brunswick
I went to Canadian Tire and bought one of those 4.4 liter jugs of Quaker State 5w20 and got the free QS filter. My 93 Vic has 182000 miles. I've got 2 bottles of SLOB left, think I should add one to the 5w20?
I know the vics ask for 5w20, but severe fleet operations still ask for 5w30, such as cop cars.
My 05 Vic uses 5w20 synthic blend Motorcraft and seems to like it even in the jungle heat here in Miami.But the 93 really calls for 5w30 Dino to which i used in my 99 4.6 which worked well.I would use 5w30 Dino in the 93 if it were me.

Originally posted by 06RANGER:
Okay, I'll bite.

Why thinner viscosity at higher mileage?

Why QS?

Just a guess but since the original poster is also limited by lame Canadian choices:

Almost all of the 5w20 I see in Canada is more expensive than 5w30. Some say it is better quality oil (Group II+ or Group III) to meet the 5w20 spec . I think Ford retroactively specs 5w20 for his engine, so he was just getting the highest quailty oil for the price?

Why QS? There was a sale on Canadian Tire which is one the only large, National common retailer of Auto Parts. $12.49 CDN for a jug of oil and they toss in a Filter (normally $7) for free. The QS Filter is made by Purolator. About 95% of what is sold at CDN Tire or Walmart is made by Fram and still costs $6. We have no $2 Wix or Purolator or Champion filters here.

Originally posted by Pook:
I know the vics ask for 5w20, but severe fleet operations still ask for 5w30, such as cop cars.

Absolutely incorrect! If this is a 4.6L, Ford specs 5w20 back to 1992, including severe fleet operations such as cop cars.
I hope you have really fresh valve seals in your vic. I had a 94 vic and it drank about 1 qt every 600 miles using 10w-40 because of the worn valve seals. I can't imagine the clouds of smoke left behind at a red light using 5w-20.

The crown victoria I had was a great car and ran perfect but a $800 valve seal job on a $1000 car didn't make sense.

The valve seals in the early mod motors started going bad at very low mileage. Luckily this was fixed later on.
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