Going to give Mobil 1 a try again!

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Oct 11, 2002
Colorado Springs
I am hopefully moving down to Phoenix in February to go to UTI, and will be driving back and forth between CO and AZ often, so I figured I'll give Mobil1 a try again, 10w-30 of course. As some of you know, it made my old Grand Am sound like it was going to explode; hopefully my Corolla will be happier. All I want from it is the extended drain capability and of course, super, and I mean super hot weather protection.

My plan is to put a batch of Mobil 1 in the car probably tomarrow, then change that out the day before I leave for AZ. I figure that will kind of break my motor in on Mobil 1 and allow me to go extended. I've heard it's not so good to just switch right over and run it out to 10,000 miles, right? In AZ, I'll probably shoot for 6,000 mile OCI. I'm still a bit hesitant because my car consumes about 1 quart evry 2,000 miles, but the sucker spins 3,200 rpm at 75 on the highway, and you've got to rev it at least that high in town to keep up with the locals
It's already had Auto-RX about 3-4,000 miles ago, so I hope she's good to go. What do ya'll think?
Drew99GT, You could run M1 15W50 in that car with the high temps. of AZ. you would not want to run that thick if you are going to be experinceing CO. winter!
How many miles on the Toyota. And I wouldn't go to 10K on any car without a UOA at some lower value first. But that's just me.
Mobil 1 is a great choice. It's still one of the best oils available and reasonably priced. I'd go 5k and then start your 10k mile drains. Auto Rx is a good idea.
The most I'll go is probably 6,000-7,500 mile intervals. The car is a 94 with 80,000 miles, so I think my consumption maye be a bit high. But other people I know with 4 bangers that wind up have as bad or worse consumption. Sometimes it may be as high as 1 quart /1500 miles. Heck, if I'm constantly topping off, I may just push it to 8-9,000 miles with a filter change in between.
You can also try a thicker oil. Delvac 1300 would be a good choice IMO. Rx might help consumption but I'd at least run 2 treatments maybe even 3!
Corollas have tough engines to begin with and based on the UOAs here, they appear to be quite easy on oil. With that in mind, I suspect ANY brand name oil would more than suffice in that engine. I'd worry more about getting a punctured tire than worrying about Mobil 1 not being good enough in a Corolla motor!
Mobil 1 seems to work very well in Toyota engines, so you should do just fine. If you're going to be going back to Colorado often though, you may want to go with 5w30 during the winter months. The 5w30 will still handle the Arizona heat very well, plus it'll do better in the cold compared to the 10w30. I honestly don't see any benefits in using Mobil 1 10w30 over their 5w30, it's not as if the 5w30 thins out. With the old TriSynthetic formula this used to happen, but not with SuperSyn. So you might as well get the benefits of quicker cold start flow of the 5w30, even in summer.
Believe me, I'm sure Mobil 1 will be alright in my engine, even though I had some bad expereince with trisynthetic in my 3.4L Grand Am. The only reason I'm going Mobil 1 is for extended drains.

I just installed it, my motor is knocking so loud now I don't know what to do
Nah, just playin, it's actually a tad quieter than normal I'd say. Only time will tell. Just glad it's Super Syn and not Trisyn. Got a great deal at Target for $4.50/quart. I think it's about $4.99/5 bucks a quart now at retail auto parts stores. I'll equal out on price/oil change by doing 6,000 mile drains over 3,000 with dino.
to AZ...when you get here, that is

I'm running M1 10w30 in my truck (3VZ-E engine) and there doesn't seem to be any problem. I tried a 10w40 once a while back and it made the truck feel a bit sluggish. I can't imagine what a 15w50 would feel like. I might change my mind, though, when that new 5w40 comes out as the truck burned some oil during long freeway trips. Hopefully those problems have been corrected now.

I'll equal out on price/oil change by doing 6,000 mile drains over 3,000 with dino.

Why not just do 4k-5k miles drains with Chevron or Pennzoil dino. This stuff will go the distance for less money than Mobil 1. Granted, your oil change frequency will increase a bit, but this option offers the best bang-for-the-buck.

I have recently changed jobs, and I drive 90 mi/day. I was going to switch to synthetic, but I cannot justify it, since I would not be comfortable going more than 6-7k on sythetic anyway. My UOA's have shown Pennzoil and Chevron will look good after 4k-5k, so this is what I use.
Yea, Nova, I thought about just doing that, but I've got the Mobil 1 in there now, so................. I'm just seriously tired of changing oil, especially in the winter, so I'm just going to go 6,000 mile drains or twice a year with Mobil 1. By the way, I did the freezer test with a bottle of 10w-30 Mobil 1 and it's pretty freakin thick! I did the same a while back with trisynthetic, and it seemed to fair better in the freezer
Oh well, the Supersyn 10w-30 is for sure better than any dino 10w-30 I've tried, especially over Havoline synthetic.
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