Going to china

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My boss went and his son taught English there for a year. They both liked it. Don't visit the great Wall near any big cities and get ready for air so dirty that soot collects inside houses! There is also something about spitting apparently you do it everywhere I can't remember the reason.
Heading to Shanghai in a few months. Get ready for the worst nightmare of air pollution you could ever imagine.
I stayed there for years in both cities, bring your usual medications, take pics and the shopping is interesting. Beijing can be very nice when the air is clear but that usually never happens and it is impossible to take a cab during peak hours. Enjoy.
Everyone I know who goes for business can't wait to get back. Know what you're eating, and don't log into sensitive accounts.
if you do not like using your hands to wipe buy some toilet paper before going to the public restrooms.
Haven't been to Shanghai but Beijing is a lovely place. I've seen the terrible pollution there but usually it's OK and sometimes it's quite clear. Nice people, good food. Faux pas are unavoidable but try to read up on the proper etiquette to minimize the chances of acting rudely if you don't have a local companion.
Get a lot of masks, lots of them, to filter out the PM 2.5 in the air just in case the wind is blowing the wrong way and send pollution to the city. Don't eat street food, go to a "clean looking" and higher end establishment to eat. You will overpay but usually they make enough money and have a reputation to defend, and therefore less likely to use counterfeit ingredients.
Chinese food in china is nothing like Chinese food in the states- in case you already did not know that
Try to keep enough spare changes on hand, there are lots of cabbies that will give out counterfeit currencies as change so you want to minimize using big bills ($100RMB, around $15 USD?)
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