Going back to GC after estery oil, should I flush?

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Nov 3, 2002
I have not had GC in my car for a long time, but I have a lot of it. I got sidetracked last year and a half with ARX and alternating between ester/ARX and non-ester oils to treat my seals. Now I have run T&S, twice in a row, because I felt it'd do a good job cleaning and clearing my engine plus conditioning (softening) seals. NOW I AM READY to go back to my 7+ cases of GC starting this winter. No more 6mo/11k intervals, I will do more like 4mo/8k. Anyway, my question is should I do a run of conventional to clean out that dirty T&S (it IS dirty, @ 9k miles) and set my seals? Better than going right to GC, correct? I'm pretty much planing on it, but am looking for peer support and last-minute advice. I have a bunch of 10w-40 Chevron Supreme and Havoline Synth 5w-30 designated for it already. 2 months enough for seal-set? TIA.
Audi Junkie, I would say to do as you have planned. this way after 2 months of running for seal set, especially if you had any seal leaks in the past. better safe than sorry in my book.you should be all set then for the green elixir. I am finishing up a long ARX rinse myself even though the ARX treatment and rinse oil are clean.this way my blazer will be clean and ready for the GC and the long cold winters you and I have in NEPA. after last winter using GC through the winter I am lost w/o it in my truck. this stuff performed awesome through a longer and colder winter than normal.hey one question for you if you don't mind, have you seen any GC in the area? I have been looking for the last few months and not finding any. my supply is dwindling and would like to grab a few more until we see more uoa's on the gold.
Yes indeed and the GC performed awesome for me, truck started quick with no start up noise. this stuff has proven itself to me.I just need to find some more without going 100 miles to find it lol!
Always flush...oops.... Seriously - AJ your engine is probably so clean a flush would only help if you are looking for the PEFECT UOA. If you have the oil and time to spare, sure run a couple 2000 mile intervals as a flush. I doubt it will help your beast live longer, but again, your GC will "stay" cleaner much longer and give up a great UOA.
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