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Jul 6, 2002
I have been using R.P10W30,I have been happy with it,lost job,need to save some $$$,What dino oil would you use,2k Z/28,30.000 miles,pure one filter(long)Thanks.
I would think that either Chevron Supreme (1.08 approx.) or Mobil Drive Clean (1.17 approx.) would be great. Pennzoil would also do an excellent job--here in KY it is 1.63 per quart and is a fine group 2+ oil in my opinion.
I have been using Quaker State 10W30 for my Miata 95M. Now milage is up to 70K. No problem at all. Now I am considering using Pro-line from Pepboys $1.09/qt, I hear it is the same staff as Quaker State. The cost for my oil change is 3.5qt x $1.09/qt = $4 plus I get super-tech filter from Walmart $1.97/ea The total cost is less than $7.00. I change my oil every 2000 to 3000 miles, never over 3000 miles.
Castrol GTX is another good choice as it has a bit of moly in it. If you only drive the car in the warmer weather you might want to try Pennzoil 15w40 as it has a good 150ppm of moly in it (the SJ version did anyways, hopefully the SL is the same!)
Havoline from Chevron/Texaco (not the Equilon) has the same specs as the Chevron Supreme and is sold at my local Target for $.94 a quart. That and Pennzoil in the 5 qt jug for $7 at Wal-Mart are my choices for bang for the buck oil. Patman may have a point with the Pennzoil 15w40. Although it is a "diesel" oil, it is labled as a "long life" oil, so it may have more detergents and better TBN retention so you may be able to slightly extend your drain interval. It is $6 a gallon.
I have 4k on the oil now,I wait for the change oil light to come on,between 4and 6k most of time.
ajax, how many miles on the RP oil? Have you considered changing out just the filter and going for an extended drain? David
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