"Go Fast" oil

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Mar 21, 2005
Elderly County, Florida
Good evening fellow BITOGers!
I really don't know if I should share these secret ingredients with you or not, not wanting to create "Fast and Furious" situations on our nations highways and byways. But . . . .
being that we're all in this together and in the spirit of exploration and discovery, I share the following "discovery."
Yesterday, I changed the oil and filter in my daughter's Saturn SC1, (1995 version). She just came in from an evening with friends and with great excitement told me, "Daddy, since you changed the oil in my car yesterday, it really goes fast." All her buddies readily agreed.
Now on the one hand, I could be concerned -
"What do you mean you're driving fast?!?!?"
On the other hand, I could actually be onto something -
Significant speed increase from an oil change? Pardon me, Nascar is knocking at my door.
So okay, even though I could make millions - here it is, (drum roll please).
You take two fifteen oz bottles of Supertech oil treatment, (the really thick stuff), and mix it in a gallon jug with one quart "Rislone," and "shake your groove thing."
Now, after draining the old oil and changing the old filter, (replacing plug of course), pour one quart of this mix in said motor. Next, add three quarts of "Supertech 20w50" motor oil, fire that baby up and "let the good times roll!"
I must add for legality's sake that if you use this mixture in your own automobile, I am not responsible for any speeding tickets or thrown rods that might come your way.
Isn't Rislone like a 20 weight? Not sure what the supertech oil treatment is, but it is thick. That would be some pretty thick stuff in that engine with the 20w-50.
So far so good. I have been running Delo 400 15W40 with excellent results. The little car is a real beater. Just an "A" to "B" grocery getter. When I first bought it, it drank oil like Errol Flynn drank . . . . well, you know. When I started using the Delo, oil consumption dropped AND the oil stayed cleaner, longer, (like 1500 miles rather than 500). I threw this batch together with some odds and ends lying around the shop, (supertech oil treatment from a gear oil change in an old tractor - bought two bottles too many. The Rislone I couldn't resist because the bottle looks so "happy." What can I say, I'm a visual shopper).
Not open for further replies.