Gm LGZ (2018 colorado v6) oil thermostat bypass question?

Hey everyone, I know there are GM engineers on here as well as folks that have done engine transplants etc...

I have a 2018 Colorado zr2 prerunner. I’ve had to change the radiator to a shorter thicker one (with better cfm dual spal fans in a shroud) to better the approach angle etc etc.
I’m doing so the engine oil cooler had to be divorced.
a supercharger heat exchanger is being mounted in front of the radiator. And ac condenser (with integrated trans cooler).

so I’m going to remote mount the oil cooler in the bed cage. The cooler has fans etc etc.

my question is, does the factory oil filter mount assembly where the oil cooler lines enter and exit have an internal thermostat bypass built into it (like the transmission)?

I’d rather not plumb a second one in if not needed.