GM air box

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Oct 6, 2005
I know that there was a GM model that had the air filter box right on the throttle body. It took a small panel style filter. I believe the engine was a V-6, maybe 3.8L. I cant remember what model it was or the years that had this style box. I hope Im being descriptive enough, anyone have an idea?
The LS1 powered F-Body's are kinda like that. The top part of the airbox goes right into the MAF sensor and then right into the throttle body.
V6 Fbodies work the same way (1998+ models) If you get a V6 get a 00+, better steering wheel and throttle control.
I should have clarified a little. The car is an early to mid 90s 4 door fwd car, i believe. I am conceptualizing an idea for something that would go on my car and i would need a small air box just like the one im thinking of.
1988 through 1993 Centurys and other A-bodies with the 3300 V6 I believe is what you're looking for.
i think t-keith has it, that sounds pretty familiar. ill have to run to the junk yard and look for those. what else were considered a-bodies in that vintage? thanks
 - Actually they never put the engine in 6000s or Celebritys, only Centurys and Cutlass Cierras. -T
thanks for the pic T-Keith. i thought they looked a little different. but i can just modify it a little to make it work. thanks for the responses.
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