GM 3.8L V-6 Extended Drain

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Dec 28, 2003
My engine is not Supercharged and I don't want to go beyond a regular spin on filter. 1K miles per month mostly 15 mi. or greater trips. Maybe M1 at 10K with a filter change and top up at 5K?? Anyone tried this??
That's certainly possible, but go a max of 7-8 K and do a sample. I assume you are using the larger PF-52 filter. You could change filters at 4K the first time and then like I said do a 8K check. In Tn you would do fine with the 10W-30 all year round. [Smile]
No, I haven't tried the PF-52. Didn't know if I'd have any fit or clearance problems or not etc. I may try it. Yep, I run 10W-30 year round. Thanks
The longer PF-52 won't fit on my daughters 90 olds 88. One other caveat, should the dreaded intake manifold (or head gasket)leak develop, your engine may be toast by the time you get an analysis.
I have not heard of this:
[dickwells posted 13 January, 2004: ] The longer PF-52 won't fit on my daughters 90 olds 88. One other caveat, should the dreaded intake manifold (or head gasket)leak develop, your engine may be toast by the time you get an analysis.
What's the dreaded head gasket leak, and do longer OCI's, or the PF-52, tend to bring on this leak? At what mileage range does this problem start to spring up and at what years did GM start to fix this?
I have a '96 3.8L and did 5k on my last M1 change. I do similar miles as you do...25 each way, 90% highway. I may try the 7-8k then sample it before pushing it further. I think it should hold up...we should be OK. [Wink]
2000 Buick 3.8 L with SC. I go 12,000 miles between changes and have since 4300 miles on the OEM oil. Had four oil changes at about 12,000 miles since the first. First two runs I changed the filter at 6000 miles. Third one I drained and replaced a quart of oil but no filter change. Fourth one did not change the filter nor drain out a quart. Of the Four UOA at 12,000 miles the last was actually the best (more miles on the engine most likely) but all four (not counting the first OEM oil) UOA were fine. this engine is great on the oil, easily go 12,000 with synthetic and IMO there is no need to change the filter. I am not going to change mie out halfway anymore, it has no impact on the oil IMO. I simply reset my oil monitor at about 6000 miles. Perhaps if you do a lot of short trips in cold climate you could shorten but I think you will be fine. remember these engines have a very high copper metal so do not be alarmed by the copper count, coming down nicely,;f=3;t=001060#000000 [ January 13, 2004, 05:11 PM: Message edited by: Spector ]
The cooling system leaks apparently came on in the mid 90s when the intake manifold was re-engineered. The longer interval would do nothing to cause a failure, I just meant that if a failure occurs you might run the engine longer with compromised oil and not know about it.
Could someone please explain to me exactly what is "the brew" often mentioned on the site? And is there a VOA for #132? The link to the analysis is not working for me. Thanks
My wife has a 98 Grand Prix with the 3800 V-6. I use 10W-30 Mobil 1 in it and have for the last 60,000 miles. I have been staying at 5,000 mile intervels which is all Blackstone Labs is currently recommending. I also use the bigger PF52 filter on this engine. Wayne
The brew is a mix of Schaeffers #132 and Lube Control. The ratio is 3 parts #132 to one part LC. Add 8 ounces to the oil at change time and then approx. 1 ounce of LC every 1000-1500 miles but do not overfill crankcase. I have used it in three engines so far, awaiting results on one and so far for me it has decreased wear. However, the #132 was originally thought to help the users of Mobil 1 which is on the low side of a 30W. As I use Amsoil it does appear to increase my viscocity to a low 40W. This is fine with me due to the engines I use it in but it may not be for others, unless of course you use Mobil 1. There was a VOA of the #132 on the site but when I checked for it a while back could not find it and the moderator could not locate it either.
16,000+ memebers of ClubGP, and I've never heard of a 3800 Series II head gasket failure under normal driving conditions yet. This is a new one on me. Intake plenums all the darn time, but head gaskets??? [I dont know]
Thanks to everyone. I had my car in for a re-call on the manifold leak problem. I didn't have a problem, but this is supposedly the GM fix. We'll see. This is mainly why I may do a uoa later, not just to check oil quality. Blackstone's recommendation for 5K with M1 seems conservative. I may go to Castrol Sytntec Blend and get a uoa later. I may not be getting my money's worth with synthetic in this engine.
I've run 5-6k intervals in on my Grand Prix GT with Mobil 1, Royal Purple and most recently Amsoil. I race and generally am not as nice as I should be to my car, so I keep that interval. Currently, I'm running about 8,000 miles on Amsoil S2k and will be changing it as soon as I get my new injectors installed. I'll send it off to Blackstone for a full report.
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