GM 3.6L LGZ - Intake Valve Deposits

Nov 16, 2002
80k miles on engine (2020 V6 LGZ). Unknown oil.

GM uses an integrated oil separator. The best system still appears to be the port/DI mix.


This “Intergrated oil separator“…… this pretty much a Catch-can of sorts?🤔

It certainly sounds like one from their description, however it seems to state that it still vents to the intake (pesky emission laws) so it's more of an advanced PCV filter than a true catch can.

Looks fine especially at 80k miles.

I would be blasting that thing right away if it were me. I see some chunky buildup on the stems just waiting to bounce around. But yeah for 80k its not terrible.
When Mazda put out their line of skyactiv engines in 2012, they included and integrated "oil separator" and those DI only engines seem to hold up fine without port injection. there are many ways to skin this cat.
I don't think those valves look good at all especially if there is a catch can type of system. I would have expected better. Those look like my 2008 CTS 3.6DI when I did intake gaskets...and it has no catch can system.