GM 2.2L OHV Oil Suggestions?

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Jan 25, 2003
Decatur AL USA
2000 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2L OHV with 70,000 mi. Currently 20,000 mi year 50/50 City/Highway. Manual calls for 7500 OCI with 5W-30 All-Temps or 10W-30 above 0ºF. Anyone got any better suggestion than GC 0W-30 with 6 mo / 10,000 mi changes? Gene
We had this motor in our 2 previous Cavaliers, good little motor. I like Havoline 5w30 dino every 4,000 miles for a mix of city and highway driving. $7 oil change including a Supertech filter if you do it yourself.
A good engine it is! My father ran one up to 223000. My sis had one, and I had one in a Corsica. Anyway, they all seemed to do fine on 5W-30 or 10W-30. The highest mileage one did best with MaxLife 5W and 10W-30. The second did best on Durablend 10W-30. Yes we were Valvoline people, till reading BITOG. The Corsica did very well with Castrol High Mileage 5W-30, regular Castrol, SuperTech and the best MPG was with Chevron Supreme 5W-30. It seems to be a pretty tough engine. ---In the winter 5W-30 and summer 10W-30 would be my suggestion. Something higher in Moly helps if there is piston slap. I did notice these engines seemed to like the 10W-30 best.
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