Glock 42 OWB Holster Options

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Dec 5, 2010
Hi, I just purchased a Glock 42 for CCW. I plan on using it with a outside-the-waistband holster. I would prefer a kydex holster since will use it while hiking/bicycling as well so it will get sweaty. I have looked at alien gear holsters and crossbreed but have never seen one in person. Any recommendations on options? Thank you for the help and Happy Thanksgiving in advance!
OWB or IWB? I carry a 23 gen4 OWB with the glock sport holster. I don't care if its dirt cheap, it just plain old works great. Would be interested to see them adapt it for the 42 and 43.
Alien gear owb Holsters are good but don't have any extra retention besides friction. I recommend the safariland als holster model 6379 for your gun, they are very intuitive and would make it very difficult for someone to take your firearm off of you. Orpaz makes a similar model to the safariland but it's more compact I believe.
I have used various Safari land holsters and the overall quality is there. All I can suggest is find one with several retention methods and do not rely on friction to hold it in. Try to draw out and you will either rip it off your belt or rip your belt. In a panic situation you should be able to smoothly draw.
I bought this for 13.50 on EBay "NEW! Glock Sport Combat Ambidextrous Holster for most Glocks 9mm/.40/ .357 17043" It fit my 43 should fit your42
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I have that holster. I have a Glock 42. No way, no how does it fit the Glock 42. The gun just flops around in it. Glock 19 vs G42. That holster was designed for G19 size pistols. G42 in sport compact holster. Does not fit. Flops around. Looks ok, but trust me, the fit is NOT there. G42 in my absolute favorite pocket holster made by AHolster
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