GL1500 Shell Rotella Synthetic 5w40

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Mar 10, 2005
SE Michigan
Blackstone Report 4,083 miles on oil, 36K on Motorcycle, filter was Fram 6017A Nothing too unusual showed up. All wear showed well below universal averages, which are based on a run of 8,200 miles. There was a small amount of fuel present at 1.0% but we don't consider it a problem until it's over 2.0%. You can get some fuel in the system from city driving/idling. Insolubules was low at 0.2%, showing good oil filtration. Silicon was low at 3 ppm so your air filtration is getting the job done. Try 5000 miles next time. Your engine can handle it. Aluminum 2 Chromium 0 Iron 10 Copper 4 Lead 0 Tin 0 Molybdenum 3 Nickel, Manganese, silver, Titanium all 0 Potassium 1 Boron 0 Silicon 3 Sodium 2 Calcium 2923 Magnesium 9 Phosphorus 1086 Zinc 1400 Barium 0 SUS Viscosity @210 Degrees F 68.3 Should be 65-78 Flashpoint in Degrees F 355 Should be >375 Fuel% 1.0 ,should be <2.0 Antifreeze % 0 Water % 0 Insolubles % 0.2 should be <0.6 Air filter, fuel filter, and spark plugs were changed 2/3 of the way thru this OCI. Should I keep using this OIL? :confused:
Nice! This is the second car-like UOA from a Honda, with respect to the wear numbers. The other one was the 1999 ST1100 a few posts below; it ran Chevron Delo 15W40. I would keep using the brand/type of oil seeing how well it's doing in your engine.
Yes, keep using that oil. Those engines won't run for long without oil. 8`) Whatever you are doing is certainly fine...I don't see why you say you're confused!
I guess knowledge is power but it also can be confusing with all the raw information on this site. Without running a TBN how can you tell if an oil is basically worn out and at what point it should or should have been changed? Does anything in this test indicate I was wise to change this oil when I did or could it have gone say another 1000 miles safely.
I dont care what TBN is I look for the wear metals in the oil, yours are pretty good looking for 4,000 miles. Your viscosity held well and your flash point still holding. I'm sure the TBN would say it could go longer , my vfr800 on this oil at only 25% of your milege didnt fair as well. Your bike on this oil seems good for 4 or 5,000 miles.
This oil will be fine for 4000-5000 mile OCI's in this application, based on this data. Gear wear and bearing wear is pretty low for the number of miles. If you ride in cooler weather, my main concern would be fuel dilution and thinning of the oil. On the plus side, your oil temps should be lower in the fall, so these may balance out. TS
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