GF-4 coming next year

Triad, NC
Extract from article in Machinery Lubrication mag ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next year, the new ILSAC/API GF-4 passenger car motor oils will be introduced. The objective of the GF-4 oils is to enhance protection of new emissions control devices (for example, lower phosphorous levels), improve fuel economy, enhance cold-temperature performance, boost engine durability under high temperatures and extreme loads, and provide overall improved protection of the engines in existing cars. While these improvements have good intentions, according to some motor oil formulators and additive companies, there may be real challenges ahead. One concern is the backward compatibility of the GF-4 motor oils for use in older engines. Another is pure economics. Because the GF-4 oils will be made from higher-grade base stocks, the concern is that new formulations will be significantly more expensive than the GF-3 motor oils available today. Some have speculated that the cost may nearly double. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ October 11, 2003, 06:14 PM: Message edited by: Alex D ]