Getting real info from vehicle manufacturer

Hey Moderators, This topic might not belong in here, but I couldn't find what seemed to be a more appropriate place. [Cheers!] What I am interested in knowing is; has anyone been able to find meaningful wear number expectations for their specific vehicle? I own a Subaru, so I wrote to their US headquarters, asking for any and all info regarding oil analysis in my car (what levels are appropriate, where the metals come from, etc.) I did get a response back from a guy who said that he'd look into it, but at the same time he didn't think he would be able to find me any information. I have since heard nothing (almost two months). Obviously I can still trend my own numbers, I can compare to other people's numbers, and I know generally where specific wear metals come from, but I sure would like to know straight from the horse's mouth. Has anyone had success doing this?