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Sep 13, 2003
I just bought a new Jeep Wrangler with the 4.0L in it. Ive done a lot of research on here and concluded that Delvac 1 would be the best thing for my new baby. How soon can/should I change to tht oil?
I waited until 2500 miles before going to M1 in my 99 4.0. Normally I do a break-in sequence of driving the vehicle in 3rd gear and cycling it between the upper rpm range (with a healthy throttle) and coasting to the lower limit ..but in a 4WD you've got other gear train issues on break in (or so the owner's manual led me to believe). I changed the factory fill as soon as it got dirty. btw- what oil pressure does your stock 4.0 run??? Just curious. There seems to be a big difference between years ....and even within model years.
Gary Allen: I'm not sure what the pressure is. The guage doesnt have numbers, and stays at what Im guessing is 45 psi no matter what. I figured it would drop a little at idle, but no. Im going to have to install a manual guage sometime. I hope I can wait until a 1000 miles before changing. This is really addictive you know......
Originally posted by Jason8691: Gary Allen: I'm not sure what the pressure is. The guage doesnt have numbers, and stays at what Im guessing is 45 psi no matter what. I figured it would drop a little at idle, but no.
Is that one of those fake gauges like Ford has used? Instead of an idiot light the oil pressure switch makes a guage read mid range so as long as there is any oil pressure, the guage reads mid range.
I belive it is. It can be annoying sometimes I admit, but what really stinks is that my guage in the dash wont work if I put a different one in. You'd think in a vehicle like that they would spend a few bucks and put a real guage in.
Can you fit a T in so you can still use the factory pressure switch along with a sender for a new gauge? I don't mind idiot lights as much as I dislike the dishonesty in disguising an idiot light as a guage.
I was gonna save the T for a bypass system! It is a delima though isnt it. Maybe I should lobby Jeep to get thim to fix this problem.
Don't waste natural resources,go the 3-4000 miles with the factory stuff then change it out to what you want.I use Delvac 5W-40 in both my Jeeps...stuff is great...they both run fantastic on it...a small rear main leak on my older XJ actually disappeared right after I switched to the Delvac...good stuff...but I would wait and use the factory stuff up a little more than 1000 miles...waste not, want not [Patriot] [Canada]
Jason their is no need to wait! You can easily make the switch any time after 500-600 miles. 1000 miles is a nice round number! Your owners manual recomends hard acceleration to help break in your new toy. They do not mean WOT from a dead stop. 3/4 throttle from a 10-15 mph rollong start up to speed limita couple times a day the first 50 miles will speed things along.
Jason8691, there are only a few manufacturers which use a special break in oil and recommend you run a few thousand miles on it before changing. I'm 90% certain Jeep isn't one of them. [SPAZ!] Once you verify that, I'd say any time after 1,000 miles would be good to do that first change and flush out a majority of the break-in debris. However, some engines show wear metals and other "newness" all the way out to 20,000 miles so don't be alarmed if you still see elevated metals or silicon in your first couple of UOAs. [Wink] --- Bror Jace
Jason, you should a "real gauge" there. My 02 SE appears to run a little over 40 (just to the right of center). My 99 (same PCM and sensor) reads a varied oil pressure (42 cold, 24 warm cruise, 13 idle). When I installed a HV oil pump ..I still have a varied oil pressure (much higher). The dash output is from the PCM ..not directly from the sensor/sendor. The only thing that I can figure is that they made the newer OEM pumps of suficient capacity that the pressure relief constantly maintains the pressure. I suppose they could have just reconfigured the PCM to output a "good/no good" oil pressure output ..but I don't see why. Hanging auxillary gauges in a TJ is a challenge. I'm looking towards the little launching pad they have above the central pod ...perhaps low near the air bag switch [I dont know]
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