German Syntec 0w30

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Nov 15, 2002
I checked at my local AutoZone this morning and they do have the German 0w30 now. Same price as other grades of Syntec: $4.99/qt. The bottle is identical to the other Syntec bottles, it's just the "0w30" label is now red instead of yellow, and there is no snowflake. (It seems strange to see a Xw30 oil that doesn't have the GF-3 "starburst." hehe)

It appears from the wording on the bottle that Castrol has decided to market this imported 0w30 as their "European Formula" oil much as Mobil markets their 0w40. The old "yellow label" 0w30 was marketed as a "cold weather" formula.
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I think I will probably end up posting the first UOA on this stuff. I put this oil in my sister's car on March 23rd, and she'll have about 5-6k on it by the beginning of June, which is when I'll change it and sample it. Then I'll put it to a bigger test on that interval, which I'll have her run until the fall, so it'll have 10-12k on it most likely.

Originally posted by Patman:
I guess you purchased a bunch of this stuff and then went home and did this:



No, I didn't have time. I just stopped and ran in to see if they had it.

BTW, you are aware that the 0w30 pour point of -63*C is -81*F!!!

The only way this oil can have a pour point that low is that if the primary element in the base oil blend is one of these new "super esters." I'm pretty sure there are no PAOs with pour points that low. (And before someone brings up pour point depressants, remember they don't affect PAO. PPDs are strictly for conventional oils to lower their pour points.)
Yes, that pour point is simply amazing! I just hope it's viscosity of 12.1 stays that way over long intervals. And I really hope this stuff uses moly! (although I'm still going to use Schaeffer Oil in my Firebird, this Castrol 0w30 will just be for my wife's Honda and my sister's Honda)
Hey thanks.

What are your first impressions of this oil? Anything at all catch your attention: pressure gauge, engine noise, acceleration, fuel efficiency?

Originally posted by YZF150:
Hey thanks.

What are your first impressions of this oil? Anything at all catch your attention: pressure gauge, engine noise, acceleration, fuel efficiency?

The only vehicle I've put it in so far has been my sister's car, and I only drove her car for the very first time after I put in this oil, and only around the block. So I don't know if it made any difference in those areas. She doesn't keep track of her gas mileage. Once it goes into my wife's car this fall that will be a better test for fuel efficiency and all the other factors you listed (except oil pressure since she has no gauge)

I was going to put this oil into my Firebird, and then I'd definitely be able to track all those changes, but have since decided to continue running Schaeffer Oil in it.
So they don't overtly distinguish it from the other oils in their line? It's "SLX" on the German website. They're not playing it up in North America as something different?
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Point me to a link to the data sheet for this oil, please.

I sent Castrol Germany an email and they sent me a nice document in German on Formula SLX, and had someone here translate it for me to give the following specs:

Color: Green
Pour Point: -61*C
Flash Point: 238*C
Viscosity @ 40*C: 68.5
Viscosity @ 100*C: 12.1
Viscosity @ 150*C: 5.7
HTHS: 3.6
Cold Cranking Vis @ -30*C: 3200
TBN: 10.6
VI: 179
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