German Castrol Sources?

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Oct 24, 2002
Louisville, KY
Ok I'm still unable to locate german castrol anywhere. I've been to three autozones and they still have the old stuff since 0w30 sells so poorly. Even the stockrooms have the old castrol. Where else can you get it?
Will an autozone manager order it for you? Are there any new autozones around? The newer stores don't have the old stock. Can you have a BITOG member send it to you?
Originally posted by Kevin in Texas: How can you tell which is the German made one?
It does not have an API starburst on the front. It has red, not yellow on the black bottle. Most importantly, it says made in Germany on the back of the bottle.
if you explain it to your autozone manager, he will most likely order it for you if you take two or more cases.
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