German Castrol- Here to Stay?

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Nov 16, 2002
Has anyone had a hard time getting this oil? Does anyone think it's here to stay at this point? This might be decent in my car bc it's a 12.2cSt oil, which would help reduce consumption a bit. Did anyone find out the NOAK of this oil? Thanks
I'm getting so sick of these GC posts! Just kidding, my local AudiZone has been slow replacing the GC after I have been raping them all year. 45 quarts and a source for BC, should I buy more GC?
I wish there were more distributors than just AutoZone in the US, but I've laid in a pretty good supply.

In the SLC area I've seen it appear at random AZ stores and then disappear. One store however always seemed to have 6qts.(mixed in with the old crap) and I bought the GC when I was there.

On my last visit I saw all the old crap 0w-30 was gone and there was nothing but GC 0w-30.

My conclusion, if you buy it AND the store has a smart manager it will be available. (Unless Castrol is dumber than we think) If your AZ doesn't have a smart manager tell him/her you want to buy German Castrol.

Last time I was at Autozone, I saw a few bottles mixed in with the yellow label stuff.

You wanna buy mine? I've got two cases that I wanna get rid of.
I still cannot figure out Castrol's marketing. The German Castrol might be becoming more readily available but it is still hard to find. I just can't see myself driving to every AutoZone trying to locate a few quarts of the stuff.

If the stuff is so good (and it sure looks good based on UOAs) why don't they replace the Syntec they sell in this country with it?
My local autozones always seem to have about 8-12 quarts every two weeks at the least. They have orders come in about once or twice a week, so I think I have a good supply handy. If they are out, usually you can ask the stock manager if he can put in an order for more of it.

Also, autozone seems to run promotions on castrol alot (at least the ones here on the west coast), and that's when they have a lot of castrol GC on hand, like 24 qts at a time, in boxes and not loose bottles. I have about 7.5 qts of GC on hand, plus some chevron and mobil; maybe I'll go and buy more soon to stock up.
I just recently noticed GC in my local Autozone. I glanced over at the oil rack and the red label caught my eye and upon further inspection it was the made in Germany 0W-30 GC.
I've been looking for a long time and the only AutoZone near me (100 miles away) has both yellow and red labeled CS 0W30 but none of the GC 0W30.



Originally posted by DEWFPO:
I've been looking for a long time and the only AutoZone near me (100 miles away) has both yellow and red labeled CS 0W30 but none of the GC 0W30.



That's cuz our old friend Pscholte has bought all the GC in the state of Colorado!
I was getting worried when my local Walmart had not stocked up on GC in a few weeks, and only had the old stuff leftover, especially since someone in my car club claimed to know someone at Walmart's head office who said they would not be buying more GC 0w30 when the current supply was all sold.

But this morning when I went to my local Walmart, I found 12 more L of GC (and believe it or not someone bought up the old stuff, even though some of it was the very old style bottle from 5 years ago!!), and it's from a very new batch number not seen yet:

M033246B2510513 TIME STAMP 03:40

So, this gives new hope that this oil will indeed be sticking around after all.

Has anyone in the US bought any recently which has a batch number like this? (or similar to this) Until this morning, my entire supply was all from batch number M030426B T/W1240607

I wonder if this new batch number will finally be free of any iron in it?

I kind of regret buying so much, as I'd rather start using the latest batch from now on, but I also worried that they would stop selling this oil too, which is why I bought so much. I suppose I could use up my 46L supply of the old batch in my dad's car and my wife's car though, and just run the new stuff in my own.

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I was at Autozone yesterday and saw nothing but GC. No yellow label stuff to be found. That's encouraging for GC users (or potential users).
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