German Castrol 0w-30 question

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Mar 22, 2003
Since the 0-30 GC is on the thick side, do you think it would be a problem running it in my 2001 SCREW with SOHC Triton 4.6.? (hope not, I just put some in)

I live in a pretty warm area that seldom sees freezing temps and summers usually in the 90's and sometimes 100's, and tend to drive it a little hard (Superchip, exhaust and intake)

I average about 3000 miles in about 4 months. and my daily commute is only about 6 miles each way (I get it warm though
) and I do several short highway jaunts per month.

What do you think a good drain interval would be?

Thanks in advance
Probably one of the best oil choices you could pick for that engine. It will get to the heads quickly on start-up and protect well when hot. As for OCI, you may want to run a UOA at 3k and see where you're at. I'd say you could easily go 6k out of the box and further if you keep testing it.
Thanks for the reply,

I was thinking about 4k or 5k intervals since I have such short trips and put so few miles on the truck.

People at Autozone looked a little funny when I got to the counter with the last 16 bottles they had in the store

Originally posted by rbraughn:

People at Autozone looked a little funny when I got to the counter with the last 16 bottles they had in the store

Yeah...they laugh about you to their fellow employees, and then go back and purchase Valvoline All-Climate and a Fram filter with their 20% discount.
Hey, as an Autozone employee, I resent that remark, lol
. What's really funny is that the same day I first read about GC here, I had a customer come in looking for it and when I mentioned I had read about it here, he said he did too! Luckily, he left me 6 quarts for me to purchase for my wife's SRT-4.

Unfortunately, we don't get a discount on oil, so I have to get my Mobil 1 at Costco for the Firebird.

It does make me feel good to give out an STP filter instead of a Fram everytime a customer asks for an oil filter. I make a point of letting them know that they are getting a much better quality piece at a lower price. One by one, we will convert them all, haha

It's good to have someone like you working at Autozone Mike!

What year is your Firebird? I've got a 95 Formula which I'm running GC 0w30 in, with excellent results! The LT1 engine loves this thicker oil.
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