German and Porsche are sore loosers !

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Aug 5, 2002
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Why Porsche is copying Tesla idea/design ? If Tesla didn't successful with their vehicles Porsche would not copying Tesla designs to make their own Mission-E that will be available by 2020. Did Porsche invented/marketed an EV with Li-on battery and 200+ miles range before Tesla ? Who is copying whom ?
You're missing out on the one important thing: Tesla left all the items for their cars as open source. That means anyone can copy their cars, and Tesla has no problems with it. If Tesla doesn't have an issue with Porsche copying their vehicles, why do you? Honestly, you can't really call a vehicle that has 4 doors, 4 tires, a steering wheel, an electric motor and a whole bunch of batteries in it a copy. If you're going to go with that loose of a definition, then the MB S class is copying the Nissan Sentra, as they both have 4 doors, 4 tires, a gasoline powered engine, and a steering wheel. BC.
Tesla is planning to shift to selling the components and support services as the main profit generator, to do that they need to have other manufacturers sign up for the design. That's why there are tons of Chinese EV startup lately and Faraday is even building a plant next to the giga factory in Nevada.
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