Generator Stored Indoors in heated garage

May 31, 2013
Ontario, Canada
My generator calls for 10W30 or Synthetic 5W30. I am assuming the calling for Synthetic 5W30 is for colder climate protection? My generator is stored on the veranda which is insulated and heated all year long. If I need it, I just wheel it out on the deck, fire it up, use it and when finished, I shut it down, wait a few minutes for it to cool, then wheel it back in to the house. I was able to acquire some very cheap Mobil 1 10W30 (they were out of stock on 5W30). I am assuming that this would be fine since the generator never sits in the cold for any length of time at all? Pour point or cold starting will never be an issue with it.
Under those conditions 10W30 would be fine to use. Stored in a shed, where temps dip to zero F or below would be another story.
You'll be fine. I ran a briggs generator on 30 weight in a 16-degree ice storm. Pull rope was a bit much though. ;)

Best thing you can do for it or any generator is to bring the loads on gradually while it warms up.
Thanks everyone, that is what I thought. This is an Energizer 7,500 Watt Inverter Generator with electric start and EFI. It runs smooth and starts so nice with the EFI. I usually start it and run it for 5 minutes before slowly turning on each load. It cost a small fortune but away less than a Generac Standby. I broke it in properly by following a few well known websites dedicated to generator break in and maintenance. Keeps the essential items in the farmhouse running. I have a separate generator for the livestock water tank heater too.
Electric start? Get a battery tender, the type people use on motorcycles and other powersports toys that sit through the winter. It will help keep the battery charged for when you need it.
No problem at all. While off topic a bit, M1, 10W-30 remains fluid far better in extreme cold than many conventional 5W-30's. The pour point of M1 10W-30 is -42F (-41c) and depending on brand, the pour point of conventional might be -30F.
I agree with Cujet. I just changed my genny oil with PP 10W30. The pour point is about the same.
The generator lives in it's own little shed out back.
No way I could pull start my 10hp briggs powered craftsman gen. at 0f with 5-30w M1 in it. It had to be stored outside and you would be lifting it off the ground via the recoil and not enough spin over to fire up. Changed over to 0-30w full synth. for winter and no starting issues after that even at sub zero F temps. . No matter the brand 0-30w was the key to starting it in real cold temps. .